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To me, one of the greatest feelings in the world is being able to do something that I love! Better yet, to be able to do it for a living.

No matter what I am creating, I hold myself to the highest standards. Because of this, I know that my client will be more than pleased when it’s time to deliver the completed product.

In 2010, after losing a well-paying job that, let’s just say I loved to hate, I was forced to make a major change in my life. It was time to finally apply my natural creative talents towards a career that would not only pay the bills, but would give me a feeling of true satisfaction.


As far back as I can remember I have had the knack to be able to pull various elements together to create, create, and create even more! From interior design to outdoor landscape, floral design to scrapbooking, I naturally have it in me. The only thing missing was a formal education to back up my talents.

As I mentioned in my “Introduction” blog, I am currently a student of the Web Design & Development Program at Harrisburg Area Community College (H.A.C.C.) working towards an Associate’s Degree in the Arts.

I have been enrolled since the fall semester of 2010 and plan to graduate spring 2013. Next semester will be my last. At this point, I have the majority of my Web classes under my belt.


Your thoughts?

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