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January 9, 2013 / blparham

Weekly Photo Challenge “Resolved”

The subject for the Weekly Photo Challengeis “Resolved”.

Generally speaking, I am usually not one to make “New Years’ Resolutions”. However, I can see why so many do. After all, symbolically, what better time is there to start anew than the start of a fresh new year!

That being said, and the fact that this week’s challenge made me think about it a little more than I planned, I did come up with something that is important to me.

Over the past 2 years, I have put a lot of my time and effort into being the best possible student that I could be. Unfortunately, in doing so, there were times, especially in the beginning, I didn’t have the opportunity to invest enough quality time with the man in my life. Fortunately, as each semester passed, I became more and more accustomed to the routine of being a student, and was able to juggle more and still do awesome work in school. :)!

With the new year, and only 1 week away from beginning my final semester, I plan to devote more time to my relationship.


Today we spent the entire day in the kitchen together cooking, which was pretty nice :)!

In all reality, every day is a fresh new day, and we really shouldn’t wait for a new year to resolve ourselves to make positive changes!


Thanks for viewing, ~Bonnie

For those of you who have no idea what this is all about, every Friday, The Daily Post at posts a subject for their “Weekly Photo Challenge”. Their bloggers have one week to take photos and post before the following Friday, when a they assign a new subject.


Your thoughts?

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